About Us

A couple of guys with Miami university degrees, over 2 years of
corporate work experience, and a supportive network of family,
friends, and girlfriends, who have decided to embrace the “vagabond”
lifestyle of worldwide travel.

We are trying our luck at getting around the world on a shoestring budget while absorbing as much culture and creating as many memories as we can. Follow us on our journey as we try to survive language barriers, cultural differences, and our innate aptitude for ending up on precarious situations, all the while having the adventure of a lifetime.

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  1. Site looks great fellas!

  2. Allan: In Paris for tuna meeting. Told Thai tuna guys that would be seeking a job for you in processing facility for month. They were up for it — but don’t expect a lot of money! (All I ask is picture of all 6-4 of you towering over your fellow tuna processing line workers!) Seriously, send email as your trip in that area gets closer.


  3. Allen

    I love the site. Elliott and I are looking to embark on a similar journey, if only in the vagabond nature. I admire your courage to break free from the cube, seriously. Good luck in your travels. I’m sure it is an awesome experience.

    Safe travels,

  4. Hey Allen,

    I just bought my ticket for london and have a bit of the wanderlust looking at your photos. you need to give me some good sites for hostels and cheap air fare. Look forward to seeing you when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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