Posted by: escapethecube | May 29, 2009

Catch Up! Yes, I´m Still Alive.

Post by Allen Burt
Well, it has been over a month since we last posted to the blog. Things have been shaken up on the RTW front since then and it´s about time to catch everyone up.

I apologize for the lack of postings, but the departure of Nick, the campaign, and myself focusing on writing a few articles for the online travel magazine Matador (see first published article here) have forced the blog to the back burner.

After the great Cambodian adventure, the three amigos parted ways. Nick to meet his girlfriend for a couple weeks in Thailand before making his way back to the States, Mike back to his cubical and unlimited supply of American food, and myself to continue the traveling adventure around the world . . . SOLO.

Solo travel is an interesting experience. While completely on your own, you are never alone. New friends are made and travel companionships are created over a few beers after a long bus ride or after trading travel stories in a hostel dorm room. Friendships are many, although short lived. It has been an interesting and exciting experience.

There is no possible way for me to go into detail about my trip since Cambodia. Therefore, I will just give you the bullet pointed highlights!

-My 25th Birthday Celebration in Bangkok
-Kiteboarding Lessons in Southern Thailand
-Traditional Thai Cooking Class and Adobe House Building in North Thailand

-Dining on French fair along the Mekong in Vientiene
-River tubing and hiking in Vang Vieng
-New Years Celebration in Luang Prabang (country wide water fight)
-Launch of (funded 6 village reading programs!)
– Mountain biking through rural northern villages along the China/Laos border

-Travel along the Tibet border (illegally) in West Sichuan
– Hiking the Great Wall of China near Beijing
– Mountain biking in Jangshou, Southern China
– Dinning on Dim Sum in Hong Kong

After surprising my girlfriend, Jess, in NYC a week ago, we departed for Buenos Aires Argentina for a week of fantastic wine, massive steaks, and sight seeing.

Back on the road solo again, I am currently in Buenos Aires awaiting my flight to Tierra Del Fuego . . . ´´the end of the earth´´ as they call it. It is the southern most point in South America, and the world after Antarctica!

I will be working my way north along the Andes in Patagonia (in the middle of winter. . . should be interesting) for the next two weeks before meeting Allen Penn for my final couple weeks of RTW travel.

The countdown has begun, only one month until I´m back stateside – unemployed and broke!

A new picture Album is up! The rest of the pictures should be uploaded soon (once I find my camera cord!).
New Albums



  1. Love the summary man. Looking forward to having you back and hearing stories! Make sure you live up the last days of your trip and do things that you won’t ever have a chance to do again.
    Put the dream in action!

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