Posted by: escapethecube | January 28, 2009

Things Moroccans Like

After Chefchaouen, we made our way south to the coastal town of Essaouira. A beautiful walled city that sits on the Atlantic ocean. We spent a a few days enjoying the seafood and relaxing before heading back to Marrakech for our flight to London.

After experiencing the odd differences between American and Moroccan culture over the past couple weeks, we have decided to put together a list of odd things that Moroccans love/obsess over/drive us crazy. Enjoy!


1. Their king
Pictures hang over every doorway and office desk (multiple copies per household).

2. Tree climbing goats
Yes Virginia, they do exist . . . and can be seen throughout the country side mid foliage.

3. Selling hash

4. Selling you anything

5. Winter without central heat

6. The saying, “See you later alligator”
Common phrase directed at American tourists when departing.

7. Upcharging travelers

8. Pointed hoodie robes

9. Non alcoholic beverages

10. Mint (sugar) tea

11.Clanging metal objects together and asking for money
It never fails. The minute you sit down to enjoy some mint tea or other non alcoholic bevy, a team of gentleman in pointed hoodies start banging old bicycle parts together to the beat of “home on the range”. Before promptly asking for money.

12. Selling Kleenex and asking for money
Why Kleenex. I have no idea.

13. Simply asking for money

14. Not having correct change

15. Not hanging out with your spouse

16. Obama

17. Nescafe

18. Beating ones donkey

19. Honking scooters

20. Slinging children on your back
Entails balancing the infant on your back as you lean forward and slinging a small blanket around your back and tying it off quickly before the infant falls.

21. The full extension

22. Construction paper napkins
They are nonabsorbent, uncomfortable, and utterly useless.

23. Sexually active cats
They are loud and everwhere. Clearly Bob Barker and “The Price Is Right” was never broad casted in Morocco.

24. Day old bread
Dry, chewy, tasteless, and served with everything . . . or even as an entire meal.

25. Mustaches
Enough said.

26. Plucking string instruments
(see clanging metal objects for money)


  1. This sounds like a post written by Ron pre morning coffee!

  2. Apparently another day of rest should have been taken. Someone is grouchy!

    How about we get a best of list.

  3. Hello Guys!

    I have just viewed the entire site and am truly impressed. It is educational as well as humorous. so good to feel like we can keep in touch with you.

    I read with extreme horror your meal of various animal body parts usually reserved for Digestion and life of the animal. Yuck, count me out on that one for sure.

    Love you Nick, stay safe and enjoy your “trip of a lifetime”

    Aunt Shen

  4. I was dying at the “Yes Virginia…they do exist…” comment about the tree climbing goats. So envious 🙂 Miss you both and by the time you get home, I may be a Chi resident! (you better not cringe when you read that ronald burt)

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